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Learn how to add groups to your favorites on Siteimprove to quickly find your organization’s content.


Siteimprove groups let you filter to find all the content in an organization, and from there you can search for broken links, readability scores, and spelling errors. content now is organized into Siteimprove groups that are based on the organization the author of a page is linked to. In late February, Mass Digital is switching to Siteimprove groups based on the Organization field of individual pages. In most cases, this is a required field in the Content Management System (CMS). Along with the Organization Parent field on Organization pages, this will ensure that Siteimprove users see all their organization’s content.

Setting up the Organization Parent field

Because the groups rely on the Organization field, it’s important to set up parent organizations properly. This also helps in search when users filter by organization. If parents are properly set, when you choose an organization in Siteimprove, or when you filter by organization when searching on the public site, it will also include the content of child organizations. To set parent organizations:

  1. Open your Organization page in “edit.”

  2. Find the Organization Parent field under the “more” tab.

  3. Add the organization one level above yours.

If your organization is a Secretariat, there is no parent organization and that field should be left blank. You should only add state organizations one level above yours. However, if that organization also fills out the Organization Parent on their Organization page, your content will appear in 3 Siteimprove groups and 3 search filters: for your organization, for your parent organization, and for that organization’s parent organization.

Using Siteimprove Groups

Here’s how to find and use Siteimprove groups:

1. Log in to Siteimprove and in the "QA Overview" tab click on the “No group selected” button. This will show a dropdown list of the groups.

2. In the search box, type the name of the organization whose pages you want to see in Siteimprove. You’ll see 2 entries — the listing with no spaces in the name is the new Siteimprove group. Click on the star to the right to add that group to your favorites.

3. Click the “X” on the search box to clear it. Now, any starred groups you’ve added as favorites will appear at the top of the group listing. Click on the name of the organization whose content you want to look at.

Each time you go to Siteimprove, the favorite you’ve selected will appear in the group box. You can add as many groups as you like to your favorites, but you can only look at 1 group’s content on Siteimprove at a time. Click on the group box to switch between favorite organizations.

If you pick a parent organization such as a Secretariat, the group will show all the pages in the organizations under that Secretariat if the Organization Parent field has been set up properly on Organization pages.

If you have any questions about how something is organized, you can look in the CMS or request support through ServiceNow.

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