Visitor interactions

Find out how visitors are interacting with your Promotional page.


This tab shows which links visitors clicked, as well as how they interacted with any videos you have on your Promotional Page."

More specifically, you can see:

  • Clicks

  • Video interactions

  • Visitor interactions by device

  • Visitor interactions by browser


This shows how often each link on your page was clicked. Knowing this information could help inform changes to your page design if you're looking to encourage more visitors to click on certain links.

Video interactions

To the right of the Clicks section, you will see Video interactions if your page features any videos. Data displayed includes:

  • Video host: Whether the video clicked on your Promotional page is a Youtube or Vimeo video

  • Action: How a visitor interacted with the video, whether they played or paused it, and how much of it they watched.

  • Number of interactions: The number of times an event_action happened.

Visitor interactions by device

This shows which devices were used by visitors who interacted with links on your page.

If you notice a very high percentage of mobile users, you might want to view the page yourself from a mobile device to make sure it is easy to navigate.

Visitor interactions by browser

This shows which browsers were used by visitors who clicked on Promotional page links.

If you notice a large percentage of visitors using certain browsers, you might want to check out your page from those browsers to make sure it is easy to navigate.

This chart will only show the top five browsers used by visitors to your Promotional page.