Audience report

Learn more about who is visiting your Promotional pages.


In the "Audience" tab you can see:

  • Trends in pageviews and sessions, which refer to groups of interactions within a time-frame

  • Total pageviews and sessions

  • Devices your page visitors use (desktop, mobile, or tablet)

  • Where your traffic comes from (social media, search,

Pageviews and sessions

Here you can see the trend lines for pageviews and sessions during the time-frame you set in the date filter.

Hovering over a point on either trend line displays the total number of pageviews and sessions for that point in time.

To the right of the trends chart are 2 boxes that show the number of total pageviews and total sessions during the date range you have selected.

Visits by device type

This shows which type of device visitors are using to view your Promotional page:

Possible device types: desktop, tablet, and mobile

Where sessions come from

This reveals where visitors are coming from to get to your page, such as:

  • Social media

  • Search engines

  • Other pages on