The Leadership Dashboard helps you find data on all your content without looking up individual pages.

The Leadership Dashboard can help you quickly find web analytics data about all your content without looking up each individual page. The dashboard also makes it easy to compare different organizations across a range of metrics.

Some features of the Leadership Dashboard may not display correctly in Internet Explorer. If you experience any issues, try using a different web browser.

When you visit the Leadership Dashboard, you’ll see the following tabs:

You can organize the data in the dashboard with the following filters:

  • State organization

  • Page URL

  • Page ID

  • Content type

  • Date

Getting to the Leadership Dashboard

You don't need a login to see the Leadership Dashboard. Visit the Leadership Dashboard link.

Export your data

If there are specific charts or data tables you would like to export from the Leadership Dashboard, you can do so.

Click the three stacked dots you see on the dashboard above the data you'd like to export. Once you click the three stacked dots a box will appear. Click "Export CSV" and it will download a CSV of the data.

If you would like to export all the data you have filtered in the Leadership Dashboard, please file a ServiceNow request and tell us what information you would like.