See your yes/no feedback by organization and by page.

The feedback tab covers:

  • Nos/Yeses: Number of no and yes responses received through the feedback form at the bottom of every page

Feedback by organization and negative feedback trends

"Feedback by organization" shows a bar chart comparing feedback by organization. Each organization's bar is broken into "yeses" and "nos."

The "Negative feedback trends" graphs the number of nos within the timeframe you have selected with the date filter.

Each organization you choose in your organization filter adds another stacked bar to the bar chart for “Feedback by organization” and another series to “Negative feedback trends.”

As with pageviews and sessions, filtering by URL, ID, or content type further filters down the data by just the pages you specify.

Feedback by page

If you scroll down within the feedback tab, you can also see a “Feedback by page” table that shows the number of sessions a page was in as well as the total nos and total yeses.

The ratio of nos or yeses to sessions is often more meaningful than the raw number of nos or yeses.

Filtering by URL, ID, or content type will further filter down the data to just the pages you specify.