In-page Feedback

You can see verbatim feedback on any page in the CMS.


The Feedback view lets you see the verbatim feedback users submitted on a particular page. You can find this view on any page in the CMS.

Viewing in-page feedback

To see any page’s verbatim feedback, find the page in the CMS and click the “Feedback” tab in the right corner (next to the Analytics tab).

This page will look a lot like the full Feedback Manager. From left to right, each row contains:

  • Date: The date feedback was received

  • Did You Find: Whether the user responded “yes” or “no” to the “Did you find what you were looking for on this webpage?” survey

  • Source Page: The page the feedback is from

  • Feedback Text: The user’s verbatim feedback

  • Requires Response: Whether the user responded “yes” or “no” to the “Would you like a response from [your organization]?” prompt

  • Survey: Whether the user chose to provide additional feedback about their overall experience

Note: Currently, you can’t filter or tag feedback here so you’ll have to visit the Feedback Manager for that.

Export feedback

You can export the feedback from a specific page by clicking the "Download CSV Export" button in the bottom left corner of the page.

Learn more about exporting feedback from the CMS.

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