Exporting feedback

You can export filtered results from the Feedback Manager into CSV or Excel files.


You can export lists of filtered results from the Feedback Manager into a comma-separated values (CSV) file (or Excel spreadsheet). This can be helpful if you’re tracking feedback you’ve responded to or plan to respond to, making content improvements based on specific feedback, or sharing feedback with colleagues or supervisors.

You can also export feedback from individual pages from the in-page feedback view on any given page. When exporting from this view, there are no filters. You'll see only information about that specific page.

Step 1: Filter

It’s important to filter the feedback before exporting. Otherwise, you’ll export all feedback left on all Mass.gov content.

You can filter feedback by 1 or more of the following:

  • Organization (multiple)

  • Author (multiple)

  • Content (single)

  • Start Date (start of date range)

  • End Date (end of date range)

  • Tag(s)

  • Date (newest first or oldest first)

  • Response to “Did you find?” (yes, no, or both)

  • Response to “Requires Response?” (yes, no, or both)

  • Watched pages only (selected by default)

Step 2: Download

After you’ve filtered your results, click the Download CSV Export link in the bottom left corner:

Step 3: Open

Your download will contain the following column fields (check out the image above to see where these fields match up to the Feedback Manager in the CMS):

  1. id

  2. submit_date

  3. info_found

  4. node_id

  5. node_title

  6. node_path

  7. text

  8. requested_response

  9. first_name

  10. last_name

  11. phone

  12. email

  13. helpful

  14. easy_to_use

  15. confident

  16. visit_purpose

  17. professional_or_personal

  18. other_feedback

  19. survey_email

  20. survey_submit_date

  21. mg_feedback_id

  22. survey_id

Obviously, these are a lot of fields with some not-so-ordinary names. Some of these fields don’t apply to the columns you’ll see on the Feedback Manager page. Some fields will appear empty on the spreadsheet depending on how you’ve set your content’s communication options or whether a visitor completes the additional survey once they’ve left feedback.

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