Mayflower Design System

The Mayflower colors, fonts, and style give a consistent look and feel.


The Mayflower Design System was created by the Digital Service team for the new website. The main goals for this design system are to:

  • Create a consistent, inclusive user experience and look and feel across the Commonwealth’s discrete and diverse digital ecosystem for the constituents

  • Allow the Digital Service team and its customers to efficiently design and build accessible, mobile-friendly, and consistent web products using Mayflower as a unified design system

Why use Mayflower?

Through user testing, we have found when constituents move through government web pages that are uniform in design, they have more trust in their online transactions. Therefore, by incorporating the Mayflower design system into your organization’s digital presence, you will be helping constituent experiences be that much more enjoyable.

Start using Mayflower

The Mayflower Design System is available for anyone to access. You don’t have to be a developer to use use Mayflower for your projects. Click the link below to easily find the Mayflower colors, fonts, style guide, and more.

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