Service Detail checklist

Suggestions for Service Detail pages.


  • Use keywords in the page Title, Short Description, and high up on the page. Think of the search terms your users would use.

  • Search for your page’s Title on to make sure your title is distinguishable from other content.

  • Link to this page on at least 1 Service Page in the What you need to knowor Featured sections.

  • Make sure related pages link to this page, and that those links are written in language visitors would use.


Content Quality

  • Write the Title in sentence case (only capitalize the first letter and proper nouns).

  • Do the Title and Short Description work together? Write them so that the title states plainly what the page is about and the short description says what you can do.

  • Spell out acronyms the first time you use them.

  • Check your content’s grade level using Siteimprove. Work toward Grade 8 or below. If you don’t have access to Siteimprove, open a service request in ServiceNow to request an account.

  • If grade level is above 8, user simpler sentences, smaller words, fewer adjectives and adverbs, and eliminate technical terms.

  • Make sure link text is accessible: Read aloud to see if users can tell from the text alone where the link takes them.

  • Look at your content on a mobile phone. Check that it displays correctly and that all the links work.

  • Is a Service Detail the right content type?

  • If it’s mostly links, maybe it should be a Curated List.

  • If it’s very long, maybe it should be multiple Service Detail pages or an Info Details page.

  • If its title begins with a verb, maybe it should be a How-to.

  • If it’s describing a complicated process, maybe it should be a Guide.

User Satisfaction

  • Look for references on the page to other content you’ve authored, and change those references to inline links.

  • Fill out the Related Links section based on trends in user feedback.

  • Add or clarify content based on trends in user feedback.

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