Organization checklist

Suggestions for Organization pages.



  • Highlight up to 3 Service Pages under Featured Services. Your most popular, most important, or newest services are good candidates for this area.

  • Add News items by listing your Organization as a Signee when creating a News item. Make sure to update your Featured News Items regularly so users are getting the most up-to-date information about your organization.

  • Add Events by including your Organization as an Associated Page when creating the Event.

  • Create Location pages for your organization if constituents can visit your offices. Link to them on your Organization page to create a map and a locations listing page.

  • Add Featured Topics under the More section. You can link to existing Topic pages in the site’s main navigation. Or, you can open a service request in ServiceNow to ask for a topic page specifically for your Organization page.

  • List your Organization in the Offered By field of all your Service Pages.

Content quality

User Satisfaction

  • Fill out the Primary Contact information field.

  • Fill in Related Organizations with organizations that provide similar services or offer information your visitors may be looking for.

  • Add or clarify content based on trends in user feedback.

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