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Using an iPad or tablet to edit content
Editing content, documents require slightly different steps.
You will need to select your content items differently to access the “Edit” function when using an iPad or tablet to work within the Mass.gov content management system (CMS).

For content items:

Step 1: From either the “All Content” view or “Needs Review” view, click on the page’s title in the filtered results to open the page.
Step 2: Then select the “Edit” option from the menu bar at the top of the page.

For documents:

Step 1: From the “All Documents” view, first find the document you want to edit. Next copy the document’s ID number.
Step 2: Paste that ID number into the filter, and filter on that specific document ID.
Once you see only that item in the filtered results, an “Edit” button will be visible at the right side of the listing.

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Last modified 5mo ago