Sharing unpublished content

Learn how to share individual pages or groups of content with people who aren't in the CMS.


Since not everyone who approves content uses the CMS, they need other ways to preview it. Screenshots aren't always going to cut it.

Temporary unpublished access links

As a CMS author or editor, you can securely give others a sneak peek of your draft pages in a couple of ways, both of which involve using temporary unpublished access links.

These links can be generated for drafts that have been saved but never published (pre-published drafts), draft updates of an existing public page, or unpublished versions of a page that previously was published. You can make them valid for up to 14 days. Just make sure to replace the “edit” with “www” when you share these URLs.

Temporary unpublished access section of edit screen.

Previewing a content collection

While temporary links can be used to grant short-term access to individual pages, you might also want to preview a collection of pre-published content. An example would be a parent page like a Service linked to assorted child pages, such as Curated Lists and Information Details.

You can connect unpublished child pages within a parent page using temporary unpublished access links. But you need to be extra careful with this approach. These links won’t work after the allotted number of days they are valid. That could lead to including broken links in your draft or published page.

If you go this route, generate a temporary access link for your parent page and share it. Those you share it with will be able to review both the parent page and child pages.

One exception to this approach is the Binder. The child pages, such as Curated Lists and Information Details pages, will not display unless they’ve been published.

Need more options?

If these methods won't help you accomplish your content sharing goals, please reach out via a ServiceNow request to tell us about your situation.