Temporary unpublished access

Give people who don't have a Mass.gov CMS login access to your content.


Sometimes you need to show your unpublished content to somebody who does not have a Mass.gov CMS login. Maybe you need a subject matter expert’s approval, or a supervisor’s. You can do this by giving your reviewer temporary access to your unpublished page. This resource will show you how to do this.

It's important to use this tool only to share unpublished drafts that need review before publishing. These temporary links should not be added to any published Mass.gov pages.

Step 1

Make sure that the page you want to create a temporary unpublished access link for is a draft. The link will not work if the page is published or simply unpublished. It must be an unpublished draft.

Step 2

Find the Temporary unpublished access menu on the right side of your draft, and click the arrow to open the menu.

Step 3

The Lifetime drop-down allows you to choose how long you want the temporary link to work. The link will always be to the latest draft of the page. This means that a link with an “unlimited” lifetime will continue to provide access to the latest version of that page.

When you’ve made your choice, click “Get link.” You can take away access by deleting an existing link. Open the Temporary unpublished access menu to see the links you’ve created and to access the Delete button for each of them.

Step 4

This link is temporary. (Sometimes it’s called a “token.”) It works a little bit like coin-operated binoculars at the top of a mountain: once activated, it allows users to see something they otherwise couldn’t for a period of time.

Next, click “Copy to clipboard.” Don’t send it yet, though — there’s one more important step.

Step 5

Paste your link into an email (or whatever medium you’re using to send it to your reviewer). Before you send it, make sure you change the edit to www:

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