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Row weights can help you easily rearrange sections within your content.


When creating or editing content with a lot of sections, like Curated Lists, Information Details, or Guides, it can be difficult to rearrange sections. Using the row weights feature can help make this task easier and quicker.

Instead of manually dragging and dropping the crosshairs on the left side of the sections…

...row weights allow you to order these sections numerically.

Note: This tool isn’t limited to just sections. You’ll find it across most content types wherever you have the ability to drag and drop chunks of content.

How to use row weights

Step 1: Show row weights

Click the “Show row weights” link in the top right-hand corner of the section you’re editing. This will enable the numerical row weights.

Once row weights are enabled, you’ll see a numbered box to the right of each section. The sections are numbered in ascending order beginning with 0. The lower the number, the higher the section will appear on the page.

Note: Once you select to show row weights, this option will apply to all content types. You can change back to the drag-and-drop crosshairs by clicking “Hide row weights” at any time.

Step 2: Rearrange your sections

To change the order of your sections, click the box and choose a number to assign to that section. Choose a lower number to move it up on the page or choose a higher number to move it down. You’ll see you can also choose negative numbers.

Reminder: The lower the number, the higher up on the page the section will appear.

Step 3: Review

To review the new order of your sections, it’s a good idea to save a draft of the page and review it or view a preview of the page before saving. Using row weights to rearrange the sections won’t reflect the new order within the editor in real-time like it does when dragging and dropping.

Step 4: Save/Publish

Once you’ve arranged your sections in the desired order, you can move on to other edits or save/publish the page.

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