Clone (copy) a page

Creating a copy is especially useful for recurring meetings or events.


When creating multiple pieces of closely-related content, like recurring meetings or a series of educational events, it can be quite tedious to create each of those Event pages by scratch. The “Clone” feature within the CMS can speed this process up by creating a copy of the content you’ve already drafted or published.

Note: You can use the "Clone" feature to copy an Organization page that you are revamping, such as when adding a Featured Item Mosaic. But it's best to make the actual changes in your existing Organization page rather than deleting the original Org page and redirecting it to the new cloned one. Doing the latter could result in broken links.

Cloning your content

You begin creating your clone 1 of 2 ways: From the specific page that you’re about to clone or from a dropdown menu on the “All content” or “My content” pages. Once you click “CLONE” from either of these entry points, you’ve made a clone.

Clone from within the page
Clone from All content/My content view

Cleaning up your clone

Once you’ve cloned your content, it’s time to clean it up. Since this is an exact copy of the page you cloned, it’s important to make sure all of the content is accurate. For example, if you’ve cloned an Event with the date of June 20, your clone will also have the date of June 20. Make sure to update the date and time accordingly.

Always review your cloned page thoroughly before publishing, especially if the original contained things like:

  • Scheduled publishing

  • File attachments

  • Specific dates

Another important part to check is your title. The title of your clone will automatically begin with “Clone of [original page].” You’ll have to change this title before you can save your work.

If you don’t update the clone’s title, the CMS will prevent you from saving or publishing your page and display an error message.

Error message in the CMS when the title hasn't been updated

Important notes

  • You (the person cloning the page) will be the author of the new page, even if the page you originally cloned was authored by somebody else

  • If the page you cloned has a “latest version” (an unpublished draft "on top of" the published public-facing version) you will be cloning the published version (not what you see on edit)

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