Changing 'Authored by' information in bulk

You should change this information when a user leaves an organization.


You can request that “Authored by” information for content be changed in bulk when a user leaves an organization or takes on different responsibilities. This saves time over changing the information on a page-by-page basis, and ensures that an active user in your organization will be notified when content changes.

Changing 'Authored by' information page-by-page vs. in bulk

You can change “Authored by” information on a page-by-page basis. Select “Authoring information” on the far right side of the screen while in the CMS, replace the username of the current author in the Authored by field, then hit “Save” at the bottom of the screen. This is an autocomplete field, so you can just start typing the author's first initial and last name and click on the dropdown menu of results.

"Authored by" information can be changed.

Doing this for a few pages is simple enough. But if you’re looking to change author information across many pages it’s more efficient to ask the team to make the changes all at once.

Requesting changes to 'Authored by' information in bulk

Before making a ServiceNow request, search under "All Content" for everything created by the user whose “Authored by” information you want to change to someone else.

Look at both published and unpublished content, as you might come across old drafts that you’d prefer to trash rather than transfer to another user.

In your ServiceNow request please include the following information:

  • The previous user

  • The name of the user who should be assigned the content

  • Whether or not the user who last owned the content still needs an account

In cases where a user is moving from one organization to another within the Commonwealth, consider whether only a portion of the "authored by" information for that user should be changed in bulk.

The new owner automatically becomes a watcher of the content, and will be alerted whenever it changes.

To prevent the user who inherits the pages from getting overwhelmed with email notifications when the “Authored by” switch-over takes place, be sure to notify that user that they will be getting an influx of messages within a short time span.

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