Strategies for editing content

There are various methods to strategically optimize your content that will help improve your visitor's experience. In this section, you can learn more about these methods.
Here are the articles in this section:
Redirecting pages (Drupal-to-Drupal redirects)
What redirects are and how to request one.
Data is stored in a cache so that future requests for that data can be served faster.
Changing 'Authored by' information in bulk
You should change this information when a user leaves an organization.
Clone (copy) a page
Creating a copy is especially useful for recurring meetings or events.
Converting from 1 content type to another
Newer content types might be a better fit for an older page.
FAQs: Alternative approaches
Tips for ensuring your frequently asked questions content is discoverable and scannable.
Friendly URLs
Choosing and requesting easier-to-remember web addresses.
Headings & subheadings
Strong section headers boost readability and accessibility.
Identifying services: Tips
Learn how to identify your organization's services.
Labels can be used to group content and documents for searching within the CMS or to automate the process of creating a ...
Linking smartly between and external applications
Make it easy for constituents to move back and forth to find information.
Readability: Tips for improvement
Make your content easier to read to improve constituents' experience on
Restricted access
Limit who can see your content while it's still a draft.
See the different versions of your content as you save and revise it.
Schedule publishing and unpublishing via Scheduled Transitions
Set dates to publish or unpublish documents and HTML content.
Show row weights
Row weights can help you easily rearrange sections within your content.
Temporary unpublished access
Give people who don't have a CMS login access to your content so that they can preview it.
This feature will help you keep track of pages and documents in multiple languages.
Using an iPad or tablet to edit content
Editing content, documents require slightly different steps. search
Think of it as a Google search that only returns results from and other state government websites.