The guiding vision of

Find resources to make your writing clearer and learn how to get help. is constituent-centered. Constituents come to to do something specific — renew a license, file an application, or get specific information. We want them to do what they need to do or find what they need to find quickly and easily. This is why is organized around the various services that state organizations offer their constituents.

As you make your way through this training kit, keep these goals in mind:

  • What are the main programs, transactions, and services that your organization offers constituents (i.e. website users)?

  • Who are your users (i.e. students, nurses, small businesses)? Depending on your organization’s goals, “constituent-centered” might mean businesses or other government organizations.

  • How can you plan and author content to make it easy for your users to find what they need?

Writing constituent-centered content

Here are some resources to help you make your writing clearer for your users:

What if I need help?