Saving content

You can choose how you want to save your content on

At the bottom of every page you create, you're able to choose how you want your content to be saved.

The only way to publish a new page is the select Save as: Published. All other options will make your page unpublished.

Choose any of the following options:

  • Prepublished Draft: Create a page that is only visible to other CMS users who are logged in. Your work will be saved, but it will not be published.

  • Prepublished Needs Review: Saves a draft of your content and marks it as needing review. Other CMS users (like anyone who has to approve your work) will be able to search for and find it in the “Needs Review” menu.

  • Published (editors only): This will publish your work. Anybody who has the URL will be able get to your content. It will also be searchable on and search engines.

  • Trash (editors only): This is like moving a file to the recycle bin on your computer. To remove it from the trash, an editor will have to find it and restore it from the “Trash” submenu (“Content” -> “Trash”).

Saving edits made to an existing page

When you are editing an existing page your options are different from when you create a new page.

Pay close attention to the Current state: and the Change to: state.

Example of options on a publish draft.

The dropdown menu on an existing page is different because you're changing the page's moderation state:

  • Draft: This will create a new draft, while leaving the original published page published and accessible to the public.

Please note, if you want the edits you have made to a published page to go into Needs Review you will need to first Change to: Draft. Then, you can go back into the page and Change to: Needs Review.

  • Published: Your content is live on the internet. The original page will be replaced by the most current draft. Even if you don’t link it anywhere, users will be able to find it on Google. (Exception: Some content types are only used as data for other content types. These will never be available to the public.)

  • Trash: The trash option will unpublish your page and put it in the trash. To remove it from the trash, an editor will have to find it and restore it from the “Trash” submenu (“Content” -> “Trash”).

  • Unpublish: When you click unpublish, both your current draft, and the published page will be unpublished.

Hint: If you have published changes to a page but don't see them appearing on the public-facing site right away, you might need to clear your browser cache.