Author landing page

You'll see this welcome page when you first log in to the CMS.

When you log in to the CMS, you’ll see a welcome screen. This is the author landing page, and it’s full of information that’s useful for authors and editors. This is where Massachusetts Digital Service posts updates on the Content Management System (CMS), copies of email communications, and alerts about service disruptions.

You can return to the author landing page anytime while you’re logged in by clicking on the dark green button at the top left of the author toolbar.

Latest release notes

The CMS is updated weekly in what’s called a software release. Each release usually contains some items that authors and editors should know about, like new content types, bug fixes, or updates to the CMS interface.


The updates box is an information and help center. Copies of emails that are sent to authors and editors are posted at the top. These can include announcements of new content types or features, or notifications of service disruptions. If, for example, a content type isn’t working as expected, we’d post a notice here to let you know that we’re aware of the problem and we’re working on a fix.

Help and Support

This part of the updates box includes links to CMS Tips that have been sent to authors and editors by email, and links to some of the most popular Knowledge Base articles. You’ll also see a blue button that will take you directly to the Knowledge Base, as well as a button that links to ServiceNow where you can request support.

Content that needs attention

The Needs Attention dashboard displays your organization’s 10 most-trafficked pages with an Overall score of 2.9 or below, according to the Analytics Dashboards (Beta). The content displayed on this dashboard isn’t necessarily content you’ve created or edited. It’s any page where the information in the Organization(s) field matches the organization tied to your user account.

My recent content

This is a list of the most recently updated content you are watching. By default, you watch any piece of content you create or edit. But you can also choose to watch another author’s page.