Watching and unwatching content

You watch content you create by default, and can choose to watch another author's page.

Watching is like being a subscriber to that content. You’ll be notified by email if anybody saves a change to a page you are watching. By default, you “watch” any piece of content you create or edit. But you can also choose to watch another author’s page.

On each page, below the Edit menu on the top right, there is a link that says “Watch.” If you click this link, you will start receiving email notifications about changes to that page.

You can select a number of pages to watch all at once by clicking on the All Content link. Search for the pages you want to watch then click on the square box to the left of the titles to select them. Make sure the Action dropdown menu says “Watch,” then click “Apply to Selected Items.”

All the content you are actively watching will appear in the “My Content” view and also in the Feedback Manager.

Unwatching content

If you no longer want to receive email notifications when changes occur to a page, you can unwatch it. You can do this on individual pages and on a group of pages the same way you watch content.

Go to an individual page and click “Unwatch” on the top right below the edit menu.

To unwatch a number of pages all at once, go to the “My Content” view, select the pages you want to unwatch, click “Unwatch” in the Action dropdown menu, and hit “Apply to Selected Items.”