It's like a recycle bin — you can trash items and then retrieve them.


The trash function works a lot like the recycle bin on your computer: You can place items that you don’t need there to get them out of the way, and you can get them back if it turns out that you shouldn’t have thrown them out.

Moving items to trash

After you’ve opened your content or document by clicking “new draft” or “edit,” find the Change to: drop-down menu at the bottom of the page. Select “Trash” and click "Save." This will save any changes and move your content to the trash.

You can do this for both unpublished drafts and published content. If you move published content to the trash, it will no longer be available on the web.

Recovering trashed items

You can recover a piece of content or a document from the Trash following the same steps. The only difference is where you start. To recover a piece of content, click on the "Trash" tab from the top menu. To recover a document, click on the "Trash (Docs)" tab.

Recovering a page
Recovering a document
Recovering a page

Find the “Trash” menu under “Content.”

Recovering a document

Find the “Trash (Docs)” menu under “Content.”

Next, click on the blue edit button under the Actions column to the right of the page or document you want to restore:

Once you've opened the page editor, scroll down to the Change to: drop-down menu at the bottom of the page. You'll notice there's only 1 option, "Unpublished." Click "save."

You've now restored this piece of content. If you want to publish it, you'll need to go back in and change the status from "Unpublished" to "Published."

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