Filtering content

Use filters in the CMS to narrow the search for specific pages.


There’s thousands of pages on, but sometimes you need to find just a small subset of them. In the CMS, you can use filters to narrow the search to the pages you’re looking for.

Where to use filters

Several CMS views let you use filters:

  • My content

  • Needs review (Editors only)

  • All content

  • All documents

  • Feedback

  • Legacy redirects

  • Trash (Editors only)

Types of filters

Some filters are common across all the views. You can sort content by:

  • Title

  • ID

  • Content type

  • Publication status

  • Author

  • Last revised by

  • Organization

  • (Analytics Dashboard) Score

Feedback manager and documents have some special fields for filtering.

How to use filters

To filter content, fill in the information in the filters you want to use, and then click on the blue “Apply” button. Start typing to use the autocomplete function in the Author, Last revised by, and Organization filters.

If you want to find all of your organization’s How-to pages, for example, first select How-to in the content type dropdown. Then start typing the name of your organization in the Organization filter and click on it when it appears in the dropdown. Finally, click on the “Apply” button.

The Author filter has the name of the person who created a page, while the Last revised by filter has the name of the last person to edit the page. Typically the name is the first initial and last name of the person.

The Score is less than or equal to filter lets you sort your content based on its score in the Analytics Dashboards (Beta). If you wanted to find content that needs improvement, for example, type in 2.9 and click on “Apply.”