Author and Editor Roles

Learn about these 2 roles in the CMS.


There are 2 user roles in the Content Management System (CMS): Author and Editor. The Author role is ideal for users who should have their work reviewed before it is published.

Author role

Authors can:

  • Draft content

  • Watch content

  • Edit content

  • Upload documents and other media files

  • Replace documents and other medial files with new versions

Authors cannot:

  • Publish, unpublish or move content to the Trash.

Editor role

Editors can:

  • Use all author privileges

  • Publish content

  • Unpublish content

  • Move content to the Trash

Beyond these 2 user roles, permissions can be added to work with specific content types. For example, an author or an editor can be given permissions to create Executive Orders.

How to request a new author or editor account

To create or change an account, a supervisor can submit a ServiceNow support request. your request should include:

  • The name of each user

  • Their state email address

  • Author or editor account

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