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Google Analytics can tell you if people are downloading your documents across all pages.


Note: This article focuses on how often a document has been downloaded across You can also look up downloads by individual page.
You can use Google Analytics to find out how many times your documents have been downloaded. If you don’t have access to Google Analytics, Massachusetts Digital Service is happy to grant you access. Here’s how to associate your state email with a Google Account. You’ll need to do this before we can give you a Google Analytics login.

Getting Started

Once you’ve logged in to Google Analytics, make sure you’re viewing the correct property. It should say “ (Drupal), All Public Traffic” in the upper left:
If it doesn’t, click the drop-down arrow and select the correct (Drupal)--and view--All Public Traffic.

Step 1: Get the document’s URL

Find the document you want to learn about in the CMS or on Once you’ve found it, right-click it and select “copy link address.”

Step 2: Open the "Events" report

Behavior âžś Events âžś Overview

Step 3: Click “View full report” in the bottom right

Step 4: Click “event label” (above the table)

Step 5: Paste the document URL that you copied in Step 1 into the search bar on the right


If your document has been downloaded, its URL will appear in the “Event label” column. “Total events” tells you how many times it has been downloaded across pages, and “Unique events” tells you the number of sessions in which it was downloaded. Learn more about the difference between “total” and “unique” in GA.
Note that this report does not include downloads from, from Google or other search engines, or any other website that might link to it.
You can also change the date using the date filter in the upper right. This won’t affect your report’s filters.

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